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Past Life Spread

This is an exciting spread as it helps to identify one of your many past lives. Usually whatever past life is presented to you in the reading, is the one that is directly influencing you at the time. Investigating past lives helps us understand why certain people are in our life, the reason why we are drawn to a certain place or era in history. It can also help identify the origin of unexplained fears or patterns of behavior that we keep repeating. This is an advanced reading, so it is really more suitable for advanced or professional tarot readers. The reason for this is that is relies on intuition, you will need to read the cards psychically in order to join the dots (read about psychic readings). You may also enjoy reading my article about life after death.

past life spread

To do this spread, use the images of the cards to unlock memories in your subconscious and trust your instincts. Look for unexplained patterns in this life that may have their root in a past. For example I did a reading recently for a male client. By his own admission he is a workaholic and is obsessed with achieving something every day. An admirable trait, but it had started to interfere with his personal relationships because he felt too guilty to take any time off. He couldn't think of any specific driving force or experience in this life which made him this way. When we did the past life reading it turned out that in a previous life he was very ill for much of his youth but from time to time his condition would subside, allowing him bouts of health. In the times of good health he packed his days with activity, vowing to make the most of each second. It was this 'memory' that he absorbed into his present life. After completing a past life reading you should notice a shift in your emotions and awareness in the following few days. You may find memories start to come back to you and issues become clearer. To understand more about past lives, see my article on karma.


1. Shuffle the cards and focus on a personality trait you feel may have come from a past life - or a person in your life who you feel you may have known before. Alternatively leave the question open.
2. Pull 16 cards from the spread and lay them according to the diagram above.

Interpreting The Results

Cards 1, 2 and 3: Offers clues and information that will help you identify who you were in a past life.
Cards 4, 5 and 6: This should identify important events that took place in your past life. More often than not, this event has repeated itself in your current life. These cards will validate a connection between your present and past life.
Cards 7 to 10: Identifies people in your past life who are also present in your current life. You may find for example that your mother in this life was your daughter or sister in a previous life.
Cards 11 to 13: This contains more information about the later stages of your past life, and how certain events replay in this life.
Cards 14 to 16: Reveals the answer to your initial question - why you have a fear or phobia in this life, or why you feel a strong connection to someone in this life. If you didn’t ask a specific question it will highlight an important karmic lesson you need to be aware of.

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Past Life Tarot Spread

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