Numerology Year 9: End Of A Cycle, What It Means For You

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Year Number 9

by Karina Collins

International Psychic


Year 9 is the end of a cycle. It focuses on endings and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of it is letting go of things that no longer serve you - relationships, jobs, friendships, residence, attitudes or behaviors. It can be a difficult year for those afraid of change, so try to be strong and know that all will be well.

 This year the Universe supports you to:

Let go of struggles - things that have weighed you down for long enough.
Develop your spirituality more seriously.
Take each day as it comes - some things may take longer than expected to settle or bring to a conclusion. Don't despair and think it's 'not meant to be'. There will always be a reason behind the delay, so try to relax and live in the present.
  Travel widely, experience life.
Become involved in a charity or good cause.

The influence starts January 1st.

Despite it being a year of endings, it's also a year of rebirth. You are paving the way for an exciting new life phase beginning next year.

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About This Reading

I used numerology to create this reading for you. It is a wonderful way to predict what opportunities and influences are likely to present themselves at any given time. Timing is everything, sometimes you can really struggle to make something happen, while another time it occurs with ease. Your year number tells you what is easier to achieve and when.

Don't forget however, the Universe only opens doors - it's still up to you to step through them.


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