Numerology Year 7: Spiritual Awakening And What It Means For You

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Year Number 7

by Karina Collins

International Psychic


Year 7 is your spiritual growth year. It is when you ask the big questions: Who am I? and What is my purpose?  Spend this year working on your inner self and you'll have greater success in the outer world in years to come.

 This year the Universe supports you to:

Discover the mysteries of the Universe. Anything under the umbrella of Mind, Body, Spirit falls into this category. Learn new therapies - or have therapies performed on you.
Study (anything): Your capacity to learn new things is at a peak this year.
Develop your intuition in any way that appeals.
  Relax. People often feel anxious in year 7 about real and imaginary things. You may even feel tired and headachy as the crown chakra opens. Don't be scared. Trust the process and allow it to happen.
Pay attention to your dreams.
Meditate and spend time alone.
Change your image - hair or dress style - if something new appeals. You are transforming.

The influence starts January 1st.

This year can be incredibly powerful if you allow it. You find yourself drawn to the perfect book, person, workshop or therapy that catapults you towards the next step in your development. It's a year to discover your spiritual truth - whatever you discover and embrace this year lays the foundation for success in future years.

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About This Reading

I used numerology to create this reading for you. It is a wonderful way to predict what opportunities and influences are likely to present themselves at any given time. Timing is everything, sometimes you can really struggle to make something happen, while another time it occurs with ease. Your year number tells you what is easier to achieve and when.

Don't forget however, the Universe only opens doors - it's still up to you to step through them.


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