Numerology Year 5: Dynamic And Exciting Year, Seize The Day

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Psychic Karina
Year Number 5

by Karina Collins

International Psychic


Year 5 is primarily about progress and movement. It's a dynamic year, obstacles disappear and anything is possible - expect the unexpected. The key to this year is to stay adaptable and don't make plans that are set in stone.

 This year the Universe supports you to:

Travel and visit new places.
Open up. Communication is big this year, you say what's on your mind and it is liberating. While it could be temporarily destructive, soon you'll be wondering why you put up with so much for so long.
Start a website or get involved with social media.
  Write a novel or get one published.
Take a short course or workshop.
Good relationships become more exciting, bad ones enter stormy waters.

The influence starts January 1st.

This year may be dramatic, and depending on your attitude you will either find it exciting or exhausting ('just too much'). That said, you will look back at it as a time when you really knew what it meant to be alive.

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About This Reading

I used numerology to create this reading for you. It is a wonderful way to predict what opportunities and influences are likely to present themselves at any given time. Timing is everything, sometimes you can really struggle to make something happen, while another time it occurs with ease. Your year number tells you what is easier to achieve and when.

Don't forget however, the Universe only opens doors - it's still up to you to step through them.


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