Numerology Year 3: Fertility, Abundance And Creativity. A Fun Year!

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Year Number 3

by Karina Collins

International Psychic


Year 3 is primarily about creativity - both personally and at work. It's a time for fun and taking a few experimental risks. If you assume you are just another ordinary person, year 3 reveals your uniqueness.  

 This year the Universe supports you to:

Start a family. Fertility is at a peak.
Do things you always wanted to do! Have fun, you only live once (unless of course you believe in reincarnation )
Embrace creative projects, writing, painting, music, design, cooking, crafts. Express yourself.
  Start a small business from home.
Follow the line of least resistance this year and see where it takes you. If one door closes, another one opens. Go with the flow.

The influence starts January 1st.

Opportunities which present themselves this year may not appear again for another 9 years, so make the most of it. Remember it is usually better to regret what you have done than what you haven't done. Year 3 is the year to say YES to life.

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About This Reading

I used numerology to create this reading for you. It is a wonderful way to predict what opportunities and influences are likely to present themselves at any given time. Timing is everything, sometimes you can really struggle to make something happen, while another time it occurs with ease. Your year number tells you what is easier to achieve and when.

Don't forget however, the Universe only opens doors - it's still up to you to step through them.

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