Easy Numerology Guide: Discover Your Personal Year Number And What It Means For You

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What Do The
Next 9 Years Hold For You?

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

Every 9 years we enter a new life cycle - each of those 9 years has a very specific influence on you and what happens in your life.

Discover where you are in your cycle  - and see what possibilities lie ahead.

Quick Calculation:

* Add your DAY and MONTH of BIRTH together.

For example, you are born 17th June:

17 + 6 =  23

* Add your result to the number 1.

2+3 + 1 = 6

RESULT: In 2017 you enter year 6 of your cycle.
Each year begins on January 1st.

NOTE: If you end up with double digits like 11, simply add the numbers together to reduce to one digit. So 1+1 = Year 2. Or 30 is year 3. Or 33 is year 6, and so on.

Now Read About Your Year ...

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Reading created by Karina using numerology.

What does this year
hold for you?

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