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What Are Starseeds?

What Are Star Seeds?

Star Seeds is a term given to people who it is believed may have lived a life(s) on other stars or planets prior to their life on Earth. While this may sound strange - if you are open to the idea that we (our soul) survives death, then it's not a big leap to accept that we may be reborn again (reincarnation). And furthermore, that Earth isn't the only planet in the Universe capable of hosting life, we may choose to experience life in many forms on many different planets.

While everyone is unique, Star Seeds do feel different to others in their family or community. This feeling usually starts in childhood and persists into adulthood. There may be no particular reason for this feeling of 'alienation', but the Star Seed is aware they are acting in order to blend in with others. The Star Seed can act very well when he or she wants to because they know it's important to at least appear like they 'fit in'.

Common Characteristics Of Star Seeds


Have an interest in 'paranormal' from a young age - outer space, star-gazing, UFO's ghosts, science fiction.

Sense Earth may not be your true home. You may even have vivid dreams of planets which are not Earth.

Feel the need to escape from hustle and bustle of 'normal' people. You crave alone time because it allows you to stay connected within.

Enjoy meaningful conversations with like-minded people but get bored easily with 'normal' chitchat.

Have an interest in spirituality, and when you take it seriously, your spirituality grows rapidly, like it's on instant download. You have done this before.

Develop psychic or intuitive gifts, you may use this for healing or channelling guidance from the Other Side.

Have the ability to shapeshift to match the energy of others. If you are a true Star Seed, you will particularly understand this point. You instinctively match other's moods and conversation tone in order to understand them at a deeper level. In so doing you 'blend' with the person's spirit.

Frequently see repetitive numbers such as 12:12 or 11:11 on clocks or other places. Your subconscious understands the universal code of mathematic and receives the message encoded in numbers. See more on repetitive numbers.

React to strong sunlight, many Star Seeds need to wear sunglasses, even in winter. You find cold weather difficult to deal with.

Have large or unusually intense coloured eyes - this is particularly obvious as children. Many crystal children are also Star Seeds.

Recover quickly from illness - while Star Seeds catch flus and other viruses like others, you tend to recover more quickly. You also tend to heal quickly from sprains and usually go through life without broken bones. You are physically strong.

May have dreams of flying, because you 'remember' a time when you were not bound by an earthly body.

Small children and animals are drawn to you, something about you fascinates them.

Find yourself impatiently hurrying someone in conversation because you can 'sense' the punch line. You may come across as rude, interrupting with the answer before the question is even asked.

Have healing abilities, even if this is just with the comfort of your words.

Feel like you are 'waiting for something to happen'. You sense a big event is coming that will change the planet.

Experience ringing in the ears, almost like an antenna in your head is trying to pick up an extra-terrestrial radio frequency.

May have trouble sleeping, or even if you sleep soundly, you can wake when the stars are out (around 3am in the morning).

What Is Your Purpose?

It is believed by many that planet Earth as we know it is changing and this transition is going on as you read this article. The world as we know it, will not be the same world in 30 or 40 years from now. A new Earth is being born and all life is transitioning from this planet to the new planet which has a higher vibration. This process is being watched by the whole Universe as such a massive transition has never taken place before. Star Seeds and Indigo's have been arriving on Earth since the 1940s as part of this preparation - simply by being here, walking among us, they raise the vibration of those around them. This is why many Star Seeds and Indigos have a feeling of waiting for something to happen. If you would like to read more about this transition, see respected researcher Dolores Cannon video (search 'Dolores Cannon Two Worlds on youtube).

Are Star Seeds The Same As Indigo's?

Some indigo's will be Star Seeds but not all. Not all indigo's have lived on other planets or stars. If you are an Indigo and also resonate with the description of Star Seed, then you are likely to be a Star Seed.

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