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Who Is My Spirit Guide?

Relax and look at the squares below. Ask your spirit guide to help you chose a number 1 to 8. Beneath each number is an Archetype spirit guide - your guide will point you towards the one that closest fits their identity.

pick a spirit guide

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Your Spirit Guide Revealed

1. A Loved One
Karina Says: Someone you love is guiding and protecting you, this may be a family member who has passed over. The first person you think of with loving thoughts is the correct one. You will feel their presence near you, particularly at night and in the early morning.

2. A Friend
Karina Says:
You have a friend on the other side guiding and protecting you. If you don't know who this is, it may refer to someone you knew as a child or in you early days but have lost contact with and they have since passed over. They are drawn to you and want to help guide you on your path.

3. Wise Ancient
Karina Says: You have lived many past lives, but in one of those lives you lived in the great city of ancient Egypt, Rome or Atlantis. You were a healer and worked with many wise people - one of whom became your spirit guide. This spirit guide has remained with you for many lifetimes to remind you of your gifts and to ensure you uncover them again in this life and grow stronger.

4. Monk
Karina Says:
You have attracted the attention of a monk spiritual guide - you will be more aware of his presence through clairsentience and clairaudience. He uses smells (like frankincense or strong floral aromas) to announce he is near - but you may also be aware of a changing light in the room, of shimmering colour's hanging in the air. This is his energy. Your guide will help you find a pathway to blissful happiness based on spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment rather than short-sighted materialism.

5. Chief
Karina Says:
You have an American native indian as a guide - it's impossible not to develop a spiritual path with someone like this at your side. They are attracted to people who are developing psychic and mediumship gifts and those who are open to learning more about being in tune with nature, animals and all life forces.

6. Animals/Birds
Karina Says:
You are attracting the gentle - yet powerful - guidance of the animal kingdom. You may find that birds stand close to you, much closer than they do to others. Animals will also respond to you better than most. In your dreams you may find animals/birds (like wolves, eagles, doves) deliver messages and guidance to you from the spirit world.

7. Temporary Angel
Karina Says:
While you have a guardian angel that stays with you all your life, from time to time in addition 'temporary' angels come into your life to help you. One of these angels has just entered your life and will be guiding you in the months ahead. It is a privilege to have one of these angels by your side. You need not worry about how to contact this angel, they will be working on your behalf regardless.

8. Ascended Master
Karina Says:
You have attracted a powerful guide. Ascended masters are powerful teachers and healers who once walked the earth. You don't have to be religious to warrant their attention, but you do need to be special. They are interested in those who genuinely desire to do something for the betterment of people or the environment. We can feel their presence when we start questioning 'is there something better I am supposed to be doing with my life?'. Although we might try and settle for a quiet life, they can make things rather difficult for us - throwing all sorts of obstacles in our path - until we ultimately wake up to our life purpose. >> Discover which ascended master is guiding you.

What Are Spirit Guides?

They are spirits who have evolved to the point where they are promoted to guide status. Unlike angels, guides were formerly human and so tend to have a better understanding of daily life (temporary angels are not true spirit guides in this sense, but they can act as one). Guides operate on a lower frequency level than angels which makes it easier for us to contact them.

Before you incarnate (are born) into the world you have a talk with a spirit council and agree what you want to experience in this life and what karma needs to be resolved. I imagine it's a bit like filling out a pre-birth questionnaire! Once this has been agreed you are assigned a guide whose job it is to help you follow the right path (you may be given more than one guide). The lessons are mainly relayed through feelings (clairsentience). If you experience sudden inspiration or a gut feeling pointing you in a new direction, that is probably direction from your guide. A guide can come from a past life or on occasion be a member of your family or a friend in this life who has passed (but this only happens if they are relatively evolved souls). Many people have American Indian guides which may be explained by the fact that American Indians were the first documented mediums to practice rituals to communicate with their ancestors (and so are probably highly evolved souls).

How Do Spirit Guides Contact Us?

Receive a message from your guide: Spirit Guide Message

Everyone is different. Sometimes you may experience a download of knowledge, not quite realising where the information came from, but suddenly somehow just knowing. On occasion, if I am doing a reading for a client I sometimes notice lights around their head. This may be a spirit (deceased loved one), but it can also be their spirit guide. If the client would like contact with their guide, I ask the guide to touch their hair or skin to give evidence of their presence. Guides know it's important for us to occasionally have physical proof of their existence, but in general they would prefer for us to raise our level of vibration to meet them. We should not try to bring them down to our level, but rather raise our awareness to theirs. Our guides do change from time to time. As our vibrational energy raises (by life experiences), so our spirit guides must change to tune into our heightened vibrations. It appears that we need to work with guides who are a few levels of vibrations above us. The higher we go, the brighter the being we work with, right up the angelic realm.

Meditation To Meet Your Spirit Guide

To meet your guide (known as channelling) you need to raise your vibrational energy through meditation. The following is one technique:

1. Sit in a quiet comfortable spot and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing.
2. Visualise a flight of stairs with five steps going up.
3. Your body feels at ease as you take the first step.
4. You feel more relaxed with the second step.
5. You feel stress-free by the third step.
6. You feel lighter on the fourth step.
7. On the final step you notice a door. You open it.
8. Take a moment to adjust to the light. Not far in front of you is a building made of glass and crystal. You have seen this place before and it makes you feel at home. Walk towards it.
9. When you arrive at the building, the door opens, welcoming you inside. Inside, sunlight casts rainbows all around the room, through the crystal wall.
10. Take a moment to take this sight in.
11. You notice a bench and sit down. You close your eyes and absorb the energy of the room.
12. As you relax, you feel someone sit next to you. It is your guide. There is no need to open your eyes.
13. Greet your guide.
14. Your guide has something to tell you. Listen.
15. If you have any questions for your guide, now is the time to ask them.
16. Thank him/her for the information and leave the building. Make your way back to the stairs and gradually come back to consciousness. When you are ready, open your eyes and bring yourself back to your room.

: Your guide may or may not reveal his/her name. While I know a lot of recent self-help books instruct you to ask for a name, in the world of spirit names are considered unimportant, an unnecessary label your guide may not wish to be given.


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