Who Was I In A Past Life? Reading With Karina

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Who Were You
In A Past Life?

 If you're curious about past lives, this is the reading for you!

 Perhaps we'll discover blocks or skills you've carried forward into this life. Or maybe you'll discover a past life relationship with a current partner, child or parent.

To perform this reading I use your date of birth, name and photo as a focus, and use Tarot cards to delve into a former life.

Typically I will read one relevant past life.

How long does a reading take?

As I perform all readings personally, please allow up to 10 working days (Mon-Fri) to receive your reading. 

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Typical length:
3 Paragraphs

(about £55/$70 USD)

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This reading should be viewed as entertainment only;  it does not substitute for the consultation of medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. This reading is not legally binding.

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