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Your Ideal Relationship!

Your Perfect Love!

Pretend you are staying in a luxury hotel and your room has a seaview.

As you relax, lying on your bed, looking out the window at the sea ... which picture greets you - 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Scroll down to see your Freudian result ....

Your Result

In myths and ancient religions, the sea and sky are depicted as an ETERNAL COUPLE. Forever meeting and holding each other in a loving embrace. The way you picture the scene out of your hotel room is your vision of the IDEAL RELATIONSHIP between 2 loving partners. It shows what you seek most in love.


Picture 1
A cool mist rolling in over the waters.

Karina says: Only a few of you will pick this special scene. The line between friendship and love is blurred for you as the two inevitably flow into each other. Your perfect relationship is with someone you can be yourself around. Someone who you can relax and laugh with, someone to whom you can tell your secrets. Your lover is not just your perfect partner but also your best friend. The lines between LIVES are also blurred - your love is timeless - you have loved each other through many different lifetimes. It's as if you two are fitted with a 'homing device' and you won't rest until you find each other. When you meet, it feels like déjà vu - like you've come home. You may find your ideal partner early in life, but it could take until much later, even in your 50's or 60's. Never stop looking, you will always find each other in the end!


Picture 2
Sunset over calm waters.

Karina says: You are looking for a storybook romance that inspires the world with its picture-postcard perfection. Everything has to be just right, from the meeting, to the first kiss, to the place settings at your wedding! True love is a once in a lifetime experience and you see no reason to settle for less than true romance. If there are delays and your true love doesn't arrive as soon as you’d like, you worry your expectations are too high. Friends may say you’re too fussy. You are not! You know what you want, so trust your instincts. Instincts are guidance from the Other Side - they say ‘it’s ok to want what you want, when the Timing is right you will have it’.

Picture 3
A bright midday sun burning over the sea.

Karina says: Passion, excitement and chemistry are essential to your ideal romance. For you love isn't true love unless it burns brightly, and sets every fiber of your body alight. Even if there is danger, it always proves worth the risk in the end. Nothing but a soulmate passion will do for you. Your ideal partner shares your lust for life - bursting with energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Together, you become the couple everyone wants to be, your life seems charmed. Of course, in reality, you have problems like everyone else (perhaps big ones even), but you share and eternal optimism which keeps you young and smiling.



Picture 4
The dark ocean beneath the starry night sky.

Karina says: Others may think you a little old-fashioned, but you place great importance on things like commitment and faithful devotion in a relationship. Your love affairs may not set the sky ablaze, but they usually don't cause you sleepless nights either. You are likely to meet your ideal partner later in life, when you know yourself better. However, if you’re lucky enough to meet him (or her) sooner, you relationship will continue to deepen as you spiritually evolve together. Your partner understands and supports your need to make a difference in the world - be that through your family, community or work.


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