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Did you know, the position of a mole on your body may say something about you?

According to the ancient study of moleosophy (yes, it's a real word!) your mole is a sign of your destiny!

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Mole On The Lip
Karina says: A mole near or on the lips means you are ambitious and sensual. A lethal combination! You are easily bored so you need to find work that you are passionate about.

Mole On The Chin
Karina says: You are caring and affectionate. You can adapt to new situations easily and love to travel. You were destined to be part of - or create your own - strong, loving family unit.

Mole On The Ear
Karina says: A mole on either the right or left ear means you are born lucky. Wohey! Even if events don't go the way you want - don't worry - it's simply because destiny has better plans for you.

Mole On The Eye
Karina says: If the mole is located near the eye it means you are honest and reliable. You 'see' into people and are a good judge of character. You’d make an excellent author if you studied creative writing.

Mole On The Eyebrow
Karina says: Right eyebrow indicates you will be successful in most aspects of your life - if someone comes up smelling of roses, it's you!. Left eyebrow is a little less lucky when it comes to money, but more fortunate in love.

Mole On The Forehead
Karina says: Those with moles on the forehead are the most likely to become wealthy in life, sometimes only in later years. You also have good intuition and may even be psychic!


Mole On The Cheek
Karina Says: You may be a little cheeky - you hate standing in line, queuing is for other people (of course it is darling!). Probably a little impatient you may find it hard to focus on one thing and flit between jobs or even relationships. You are destined for a special life purpose, once you find it (or the right person), the flitting disappears. And boy, do you do well at it! People with moles on the right cheek tend to settle down sooner than those with moles on the left cheek.

Mole On The Nose
Karina says: You're sincere and a good friend. As a reward, Higher Powers eventually lead you to your soulmate. That aside, those with a mole on their nose can be accident prone!

Mole On The Neck
Karina says: A mole on the front of the neck, indicates sudden good fortune (such as winning the lottery). Mole on the back of the neck indicates a desire to live a simple but meaningful life.


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