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What Is Your Wake Up Call?

Some of you did this reading a few months ago. I'd like you to try it again, to see if anything has changed. Are you attracted to a different colour?  

The purpose of this reading is to provide you with your here and now wake-up call.

Look at the pictures of lightning below. Which one draws you in the most? Which one gets your heart racing?


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Karina Says:

Your spirit guide drew you to the purple bolt of lightning for a reason. If there is something you want to do but fear it? Or perhaps you fear revealing something about yourself to others? - if so, let go. Close your eyes and say the words 'I let go'. Feel the release in your body. You have been hit by purple lightening and it is your wake up call. For some, this means taking steps towards major change (you know who you are!). For others it refers to a particular situation you are currently facing. Be brave and reveal the real you, your true thoughts and feelings. Believe me, it will make you far more interesting!. Let's face it, what's the alternative? To wait? How long more? Every day you hold back imprinting the true YOU onto this world is another day lost. You are special, but no-one will know it (not even yourself) until you allow your soul to sing. If you have already started this process, congratulations, you have heard and are responding to your wake up call.


Karina Says:

You were guided towards this orange bolt of lightning for a reason. The orange bolt comes to shake you up - to laugher, to joy to being in the moment. Sometimes we become so caught up in the daily grind of life, we forget to be .... well .... happy! We forget to be conscious of the joy of being alive. How many times have you heard of someone's misfortune and thought 'thank heavens, I'm so blessed', but within days, even hours .. the moment of illumination has passed? We are all 'guilty' of this, but the orange bolt arrives as your wake up call. Make a conscious effort to smile around those you love, reassure them you are happy, because when you smile, they smile with you. And remember, don't allow your smile to disappear within days or hours. It's a simple thing to do, but it changes lives. If you've been through difficult times, perhaps even been physically or emotionally unwell, let your smile be the bolt of your recovery. If you are already consciously doing this, congratulations, you have heard and are responding to your wake up call.

3. Green

Karina Says:

Your spirit guide drew you to this green bolt of lightning for a reason. Green represents fertility, health and well-being. If you've been asking, is this the right time to diet, exercise, quit smoking, monitor my alcohol intake, or some other health related activity, the answer is a resounding YES! If you've been asking is the right time for a baby? Take this as a massive YES! If you've been waiting for a bolt of lightning to shake you up and help you make up your mind, this is it! Yes, Yes and Yes. Green is an earthly colour, it connects to the body and all it's potential. By looking after your body, you create the balance you need to achieve in all other areas of your life. Your guide says NOW is time to take the reins because you are attracting the powerful force of the Universe to help you. Use it or lose it!
Ps: If you've been asking should I write a book or submit it for publishing? Yes is the answer! There will not always be a tomorrow, but there is a today.

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Reading designed personally by Karina for you. I am obliged to say this is for entertainment purposes only.

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