Karma Lessons: What Is Your Karmic Lesson?

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What Is Your Karma Lesson?
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Lesson 3: Optimism
Your lesson in this life is to BE LESS SELF-CRITICAL, to lighten up on yourself.

 To learn you don't have to appear perfect to the outside world. The REAL you is far more interesting and sympathetic - let it all out - show the world who you are, warts and all. They will love you for it because honesty is refreshing and shows real inner confidence. In taking this attitude, you will naturally become more optimistic and happy - and your joy will spread to others. Your lesson is to embrace happiness, see the humour in even the worst of situations, to appreciate the gift of life. If you do this, you will find you are rewarded by passion in your life - this passion makes your life more vibrant and fulfilling. You will attract wonderful job opportunities, amazing relationships, absorbing hobbies - life will never be dull again!

Lesson 4: Discipline
Your lesson in this life is to LEARN SELF-DISCIPLINE!

You need to create a strong foundation for your life, otherwise you will feel confused and directionless (struggling to find a job you enjoy, a relationship you want, or a place where you want to live). If you have not mastered this lesson you will find you are always looking for solutions 'out there' - if only you could get a new job, lose weight, find someone to love you ... if, if, if .. it has hints of waiting to be rescued. If you HAVE mastered this lesson you will know by now the answer is not 'out there' but 'within'. It's only by putting effort into your life, showing perseverance (not giving up at the first hurdle), that you will learn your karmic lesson. Once your lesson is learnt, all the blocks to living the life you dream of are lifted.


Lesson 5: Take Risks
Your lesson in this life is to OVERCOME FEAR!

Take every opportunity to experience life: travel, meet new people, try lots of different things. If you sense your lesson correctly you feel there is a clock ticking within you and it's on countdown! You feel a need to make the most of everyday, to pack your life with adventures. Your lesson is to have faith in the flow of life - to bend and adapt to change and, as a result, to grow. If you manage to do this - you pack two lifetimes into one and have a lot of fun in the process! If you struggle with this lesson, you feel blocked and continually dissatisfied. Be brave, embrace your karmic lesson - put yourself out there, overcome the fear of taking risks and dare to live!


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