Karma Lessons: What Is Your Karmic Lesson?

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What Is Your Karma Lesson?
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

It is thought that earth is a school - and before we are born, we decide what lessons we want to learn while we are here. Usually, there is one major lesson, known as a karmic lesson. The lesson will be difficult and challenging (some of you have more difficult lessons because you are advanced souls and want to be stretched!).

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Lesson 1: Strength
Your lesson in this life is to learn to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Your will needs to be strengthened so that you stretch yourself, take risks and dare to travel your own independent path. Life will bring you into contact with strong-willed people who try to knock you down, and you may face some challenges that knock your confidence. There is a reason why this happens. It is so that you can learn your karmic lesson, to be strong, to be more forceful - to develop inner strength and real confidence. You must learn not to worry what others think of you. You must learn to have faith in your own judgment and your own abilities - to stand up and be the person you are meant to be! If you do this .... great adventures and success lie ahead. It's never too late to start, as long as you are here, as long as you are alive, as long as you exist - trust me, you CAN resolve your karmic lesson.

Lesson 2: Compassion
Your lesson in this life is to LEARN HOW TO BE SENSITIVE

...to other people's needs and feelings. To ask not what others can do for you, but what can you do for others? You must learn to be careful with your words, to be loving in all you say and do - regardless of how others treat you (that is their karmic lesson, not yours). If you are successful in this journey you will be attracted to helping people in some way - there will be a deep-rooted need within you to make a difference. You will spread your light, without expecting thanks in return. It is only when you truly arrive at this state - giving without expecting in return, that you will learn your karmic lesson and fulfill your life's purpose. If you feel bad because you always seem to be giving and don't receive in return, you still have not learnt the lesson. Once you accept that this is your karma, abundance and surreal happiness will flow to you in every area of your life.


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