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by Karina Collins

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 20 - 25
Wow! Extremely powerful intuition
Karina Says:
You're probably wondering what's the big deal - doesn't everyone answer YES to these questions? It's so natural, right? Nope. It's not - you are powerfully connected to your intuition. You are the sort of person that relies on their 'feelings' about a person or situation. You pay attention to non-verbal signals that people give out, even if you are not conscious of doing so. You have psychic abilities which should be explored (perhaps even for professional use). The downside to being this intuitive is that you may find it hard to convince people around you about certain things because they rely more on fact than feelings. But it's a small price to pay for such wonderful abilities! Be sure to train your intuition regularly, and if you haven't already, take my psychic test.

Strong intuitive feelings
Karina Says:
You have a foot in both worlds - the spiritual and earthly. This allows you to make the most of your intuition for commercial and personal advantage. Listen to your intuition, it is your short-cut to success. You may discover it becomes stronger later in life, and you may also become attracted to alternative therapies, healing, angels, crystals, mediumship and so on.

Good intuition ability
Karina Says:
Sometimes you follow your 'gut', but the results may be hit and miss. However, you amaze yourself occasionally when you do listen to your intuition and act on it. You must understand there is a difference between gut feelings and simply wishing for something to happen. We can desperately hope something will happen, even convince ourselves it will - but that's not the same as intuition. Intuition is independent of our wants and needs - it is the voice of guidance, even if that guidance is not what we always want to hear.

Less than 7
Little intuition
Karina Says:
In fact all this talk about 'feelings' and 'intuition' is likely to annoy you! You are a practical sort of person, much more likely to assess a situation on fact than emotions. Chances are, very few of you will score 7 or less because you wouldn't have been attracted to my website or Facebook page in the first place!


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