Personality Exercise: Your Elemental Personality: Fire Or Water?

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Fun Personality Exercise

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

Simply decide which scene most appeals right now!

Then scroll down to see what it reveals about you ...

This psychological test created by Karina
is based on the four elements of nature:
Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


You chose the scene associated with EARTH. You are literally 'down to earth' and emotionally balanced. Considered an old soul, you are good at detecting  when someone is lying or trying to scam you. Literally you see into people's souls, it's a natural ability you assume everyone has. Others rely on you because you are able to cope, you have huge resources of inner strength. If someone is good to you, you are kind and loyal in return. However if they break your trust, it's difficult for you to trust again. You don't give your heart lightly, but when you do, you do so completely. That is why trust is so important to you.

You may be focused on 'earthly' matters at the moment, such as money, work, home renovations or dealing with practical family issues.

When you feel like a break from it all ... reflect on picture 2, WATER.  Water represents imagination and dreams. Add water to earth and new things begin to grow.

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