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The soul of your animal ... why you were drawn to it ...


Karina Says: The owl has the power to see in the dark. Your intuition is highly developed and you have the ability to see what others do not. Perhaps you are currently going through a confusing time or need to make an important decision. If so, pay attention to your gut feelings. Your instinct is correct, even if that means everyone else is wrong. You are harnessing the powerful spirit of the owl, trust it. You really do know best. The owl is also a link between the unseen world and our world. If you could finally trust your ability to 'know' what others do not in 2015, everything will fall into place. Plus, if it interests you, the world of spirit and psychic development is waiting for you. You have talent.


Karina Says: The frog is associated with water and the cleansing away of toxic, negative energy. By choosing the frog your subconscious is saying 'I am ready to release negative thoughts and start again in 2015'. It is time to clear old opinions and adopt a new way forward with relationships and situations that have turned stagnant. As the frog transforms from a tadpole to a frog, so too can you transform and give birth to a fresh outlook on life. In ancient Egypt the frog was a symbol of fertility, rebirth and resurrection. It asks: in what part of my life do I want to hit the DELETE + START AGAIN button? This is not about turning the clock back, but rather starting again with a wiser, more appreciative attitude.


Karina Says: The eagle soars high and can reach the heavens effortlessly. It is the symbol of mediumship and of messages from the 'other side'. Perhaps you have been asking for a sign from a loved one who has passed? If so, use your powers of observation because you are receiving messages. It may be through a dream, or the sensation of sudden coldness in a warm room, or a strong scent, or even a light flickering in an unusual way (see 10 signs spirits are around you). The eagle also represents the desire to spread your wings (even if the thought is scary). It's time to make your mark on the world. Look at your situation from the vantage point of an eagle - high and from a distance. If you were advising someone else in your situation, what would you tell them to do? Go for it? Don't hold back? Life's too short? Take the same advice.


Karina Says: What gut feelings are you trying to ignore? By choosing the wolf your subconscious is urging you to listen to your intuition. Free yourself. The wolf has amazing instinct, intelligence and appetite for freedom. You have the instincts of a wolf so stop trying to live an ordinary life when beneath the surface you are extra-ordinary. This is not a time for settling or thinking 'this is my lot in life'. Take your little dream off the shelf, dust it down and find a way to make it happen. Free yourself, don't worry what others will say, you were born to do more. Devour your life with gusto.



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