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Relax and study these pictures.

Which animal appeals to you the most? Don't automatically pick the cutest one, or your favorite one. Which DRAWS YOU IN NOW - Today, This MOMENT. It represents your energy for 2015.

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The soul of your animal ... why you were drawn to it ...


Karina Says: Only a handful of you will pick the lizard! If you are attracted to this reptile, it means you need to be adaptable, flexible and go with the flow in 2015. Although you may be looking for certainty in times ahead - there is none. You are called on to trust your instincts and take the next step.  No more over-analyzing. One step at a time and be prepared to go where circumstances take you. I'm sure you've heard people talk about 'living in the moment', well - this is what it means. Live today like it is your last. Laugh, love - put your energy and passion into your relationships and work. When you do so, your path will naturally evolve - take each step as it presents and trust that the future will fall into place.


Karina Says: The dolphin is both fish and mammal and so represents duality. It represents belonging to two worlds at once. Your body is firmly placed here on Earth - but your soul is of the Universe and worlds beyond our planet. Your role in 2015 is to connect the two - to spread the enlightenment of the Other World here on Earth. You can do this through your work, spiritual practice - or simply by being kind and loving to as many as you can. It is thought that dolphins have a higher consciousness than humans and so can love more purely. By picking the dolphin you recognize your soul's calling to communicate your light. Don't repress your feelings - be kind, but vocal. Say what is on your mind, do what is on your mind (for some write what is on your mind).


Karina Says: By choosing the bear you subconsciously desire more control of your life. Have the confidence to take action in 2015. Even if something seems impossibly difficult, have courage and take the first step. Visualize yourself as a powerful bear, pushing forward and watch as people move aside. Don’t fear what will happen if you make changes, rather fear what will happen if you don't. The bear can represent isolation, and as you embrace change some relationships may fall by the wayside. However, once you kick-start this powerful cycle of transformation, better relationships and opportunities eventually reveal themselves. This is not a time to shy away from change. BE the bear in 2015.


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