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Pick an Angel Number!

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

 Don't think too long and hard about it, trust your first instinct. If you struggle, close your eyes and let your finger pick for you!

Stay positive because you deserve a break!. You will attract trustworthy new opportunities and a meaningful relationship in the next few months. Whatever has been holding you back is being released.  Synchronicity increases daily.

You are being Divinely guided to make healthy positive changes which will ensure you have a better life in the long run. The sooner you make these changes, the sooner your life will transform.


The Ones, particularly Eleven have been called the number of the prophet or Messiah. Eleven is the number of the faithful apostles of Jesus, the 12th was Judas who betrayed him. When you see Ones it means the light of revelation is shining on you. It is a massive wake-up call to look beyond the world you can see. The invisible world of Spirit is calling on you to rise up and serve a greater cause. You may not believe you are special, but you are! Powerful guides (ascended masters) are trying to wake you up to this fact, they desperately want you to believe in yourself.

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This is a VERY strong message from your angel, urging you devote your time and energy towards your healing ability which is much needed in this world. Ask your angel (or God) for guidance as to what your next step should be. Remember, the angels can open doors, but it's still up to you to step through them.

Everything that is happening - pleasant and unpleasant - is for your greater good. It is hard to see this sometimes, especially when unpleasant things happen. Mostly, we have a limited perception of what is good for us, but the Creator's knowledge is vast and far-reaching. Trust that what is happening right now is for your greater good and don't judge the process - be brave and ride the wave!

Your angel asks you to stay positive about the steps you are taking because you are moving in the right direction. Even if you don’t end up where you planned, you end up where you’re supposed to be. Be calm.



If you've been searching for your place in life, or questioning your current career path - stay positive. Your angel hears you. Stay alert for signs of his/her guidance - it may be an intuitive feeling to move past your fears and try something new. 911 also signifies your loved ones are safe and being watched over by angels.

Ready for better, warmer, happier days? The clouds are passing and the sun is about to shine. Your angel is by your side.

The ascended masters (seriously top spiritual guides) have noticed you and are guiding you to release old out-dated images of yourself, about what you can and can not do. Every day is a new day. Every day we can choose to live. Each new day greets us with new hope, without rules, but with endless opportunity. Greet this day the way it has greeted you - with open arms and endless possibility. Dare to live!

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