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Persecution And Inquisition

You were accused of witchcraft in the past!. You were blamed for crop failures and illnesses that had nothing to do with you. In reality you were a kind person who had the ability to heal and see the future. But you were persecuted for your work. That lifetime has made you sensitive to gossip and so you may be quite a private person in this lifetime. You may also struggle (or have done) with admitting your interest in angels, spirituality and psychic work to others because you fear their rejection. Deep within is the pain of the past and you fear it's re-creation. To heal, know that you agreed to incarnate at this time because your hard-won knowledge from previous lifetimes is needed again in this world. It is safe to be open.


You made vows in a previous life that are holding you back in this lifetime. It may have been a vow of marriage to a beloved partner, and you subconsciously feel guilty about committing to a new relationship in this life. Or it may be you were a nun or a monk and took a vow of poverty or self-denial. A vow of poverty will block your flow of abundance in this life, a vow of self-denial can cause you to self-punish or sabotage yourself and your efforts. Unless vows are severed, they can affect you across time. Fortunately you can release yourself by first acknowledging the vow and then saying 'I am willing to sever all vows that are blocking me in this life'.

Imprisonment or Slavery

In a past life you spent time imprisoned or in slavery. Your rights, dignity and freedom were taken from you. You are free now although you still harbor fears related to that lifetime. For example, you may feel claustrophobic in confined spaces or airplanes. You may resent when someone tries to force you to do something. Your independence (emotional and/or financial) may be very important to you. On the other hand your experiences make you compassionate towards those who suffer and you will be drawn to defending the underdogs of this world. To heal any residual fears from your previous life, channel your feelings towards helping society. Acts of kindness heal you as well as others.


This card indicates that your mother in this life was also with you in other lifetimes. The mother/child relationship is a significant emotional bond. If you enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your mother in this lifetime, you were drawn together again because of your fondness for one another. However, if your relationship has been challenging, this indicates a need to balance the karma through your forgiveness. Your feelings about your mother are directly related to your ability to attract abundance into your life, as Mother energy is all about receiving. If you have blocks with your mother, you may also have developed blocks that prevent you from receiving help from others and the Universe.
CARDS: Past Life Oracle Card by Brian Weiss and Doreen Virtue. Interpreted by Karina.

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