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Who Were You In A Past Life?
by Karina Collins
International Psychic
Past Life Reading: Exciting New Free Reading By Psychic Karina

You have lived many lives and retain the memories of those lives deep within your soul. This reading will help you 'remember' key information from one of those most relevant life's. Once you begin to access memories of past-lives, you learn more about your soul's journey through time.

Study the cards below, which card draws you in the most?

CARDS: Past Life Oracle Card by Brian Weiss and Doreen Virtue. Interpreted by Karina.

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Wars And Battles

This indicates you suffered or were killed in a war in one of your previous lifetimes. If you close your eyes, your inner voice will tell you if you were a soldier or a civilian casualty. You might find in your current life, loud noise, angry conflict and violence stresses you out more than most. This aversion to conflict may even prevent you from opening up to others, avoiding any vulnerability in case you get 'wounded'. Some of you carry anger over from this war-time life but, if channeled constructively, it can make you a warrior, fearless and determined to live a full and worthwhile life.

Food And Hunger

You did not have enough food in this past life, and the memory still haunts your soul. You watched as people you loved died in a time of famine. Ultimately hunger took your life too. This fear may cause you to comfort-eat, retain weight or have an eating disorder in your current life because deep down, your soul remembers a time when all you could think about was food and how to get it. Often just remembering a past-life is enough to heal the underlying issue. Try to picture this previous life, close your eyes and allow your mind to wander. When you feel 'connected' - acknowledge the life and then say 'the past is over and will not repeat again in this lifetime'. Let fears of deprivation fade away, they are no longer necessary. Open yourself to abundance in all parts of your life now.


This indicates you had a significant past life in a Celtic country (such as Ireland, Scotland or Wales). You may be living in one of these lands now, or drawn to one. In your past life, you had a spiritual druid connection to the land, animals, herbs and trees (especially oaks and willows). Ancient sacred spaces such as Stonehenge, New Grange, and stone circles may trigger healing 'memories' of this life. If you ever feel lost, go back to your 'roots' - the healing energy of nature - or spend time in Celtic countries and with their monuments (look at pictures if travel is not possible) - it will help you connect to your inner voice and guidance.


Your relationship to health and healing is influenced by other lifetimes. You may currently suffer from a physical condition that was inflicted on you during your last life. If so, what happened is that you reincarnated so quickly, you didn't have to time to heal. Ask your body to release any pain you suffer because it no longer belongs to you. It belongs to a different life and a different body. On the positive side, you have 'inherited' healing abilities (you were once a healer) - although some of you are yet unaware of your abilities. There are many ways to heal: through touch, talk, positive affirmations ... so connect with your past and connect with your abilities.

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