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What Sort Of Psychic Are You?

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

In astrology the mystical planet of Neptune reveals information about your spiritual side.

When you were born Neptune was in alignment with a particular zodiac sign (not necessarily the same zodiac sign as your star sign).

Discover your Neptune sign and see what it reveals about your natural spiritual abilities!

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If you were born before 1945, the influence of Neptune in Libra
 is closest for you.
So you can take this meaning.


Neptune In LIBRA

Born between

1 Jan 1945
24th Dec 1955

The Love Psychic

Reading people intuitively is your best ability, be they friends, family, partner or in the wider world as a therapist. You have a developed 6th sense and know just what people need to hear. It is why they unburden their heart to you, even complete strangers. You attract them, like moths to a flame, because you are the Light.

When you send your love out to the world, even simply by listening to a person's woes,  it reaches the darkest of places and shines a light. Your kindness is multiplied by the ripple effect.

Love is the only thing that survives and you are destined to remind the world of this, before it is too late.

Neptune in SCORPIO

Born between

25th Dec 1955
4th Jan 1970
The Mystical Psychic

The mysteries of the Universe fascinate you, more so as you get older. Those who were born under the influence of Neptune in Scorpio have usually experienced one important past life as a mystic - perhaps as a witch, witchdoctor, priest or priestess. You can tap into knowledge already mastered in past lives through altered states (hypnosis, meditation, trance and dreams).

You may find yourself slipping easily into  daydreams - daydreaming is a form of light trance and your soul is always searching for ways to pull you into altered states. (Those who do not understand this sometimes end up using drink or drugs to induce this altered state).

You have the ability, through trance states, to tap into the Cosmic consciousness and even see into the future.


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