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Karina Collins
International Psychic

As well as being one of the best known Tarot readers in Ireland, I have a background in media relations and communication.

If you need a spokes person for all things 'other worldly,' I'd be delighted to have a chat.

Suggested Media Discussion Points

* Star signs and astrology.
* Celebrity astrology, what a celebrity is likely to do next.
* The Chinese New Year, what it means for you.
* All things Tarot.
* Ghosts, spirits, hauntings, phone calls from the dead.
* How to know when an angel is near.
* Signs that you or your child is psychic.
* What happens when we die.
* Past life, the evidence for reincarnation.
* Law of attraction. Attracting wealth and healing.

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Masters And Mentors Interview: December, 2017



C104 Cork Radio: February 12th, 2017
One hour program with John Greene, discussing past lives,
reincarnation, healing and Tarot.

C104 Cork Radio: January 8th, 2017
One hour program with John Greene, discussing life after death,
Chinese astrology and capturing the voice of spirit children.

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