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About This Exercise

The aim of this exercise is to practice PRECOGNITION. Precognition is just a fancy word for future telling. It is the ability to sense something before it happens (also referred to as extrasensory perception or ESP). Most people will experience precognition at some stage in their life - perhaps for example a dream you have comes true. Dreams are one of the most common ways to experience precognition, although most people don't remember their dreams and their visions are lost. However it can also be induced through meditation and trance - or a spontaneous waking vision - or a spontaneous thought that flashes from nowhere into your mind and you have a sense of somehow just knowing.

Most cases of spontaneous precognition occur within 2 days of the future event happening, although for some it may be weeks or months.

About 80 percent of precognition cases involve a family member or loved one, the remainder involve strangers or casual acquaintances.


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