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Improve Your Intuition: Exercises

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Look at the 4 toys below.
Now try to get inside MY head.
Reach your hand out.
Which toy are you directed towards?

Now scroll down for the answer ....


Did you get it right? If so CONGRATULATIONS!

Didn't Work This Time?


Some people find it easier to access their intuition with a 'trigger'. You could do this by gazing into a crystal ball - or just a small crystal if that's all you have, ideally a clear quartz. Or you could look at the sky and allow your thoughts to drift, as you do when you are day-dreaming. In this day-dream state, the psychic eye opens up and you start to receive intuitive knowledge. This is how many psychics receive their information. So if you are struggling with these exercises, or would like to improve your results, try using a trigger like a crystal - or cloud staring - even staring at a blank wall for a few moments - to help you before making your choice.


Test designed personally by Karina for you.


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