Intuition Exercise: Which Card Do I Pick?

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Intuition Exercise

1. Choose which card I pick.

2. Then choose which card you prefer. It may or may not be the same one.

Now Scroll Down For The Answer!

Cards: Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

I picked card 2! Did you sense my choice? If so, congratulations!!

Now Your Mini Message

You Thought I Picked Card 1
Your Message: The Doubt Fool
Don't listen to other's negativity. Don't doubt yourself or your dreams. Whatever your dreams are - fulfilling work or love- it's better to walk towards them than do nothing.

You Thought I Picked Card 2
Your Message: The Sentimental Fool
The past was not as rose tinted as you may remember. Live in the moment today because it will become the past soon enough.

You Thought I Picked Card 3
Your Message: The Faith Fool
Have faith in the things you feel inspired to do, don't worry about the outcome or how you'll manage.

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