Intuition Exercise: Which Elephant Do I Pick?

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Intuition Exercise

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

Psychic Test: First sense which I pick!


Decide which one YOU are most attracted to.
It may not be the same as me.

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How Did You Do?

Did you predict that I picked the green elephant? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!


1. You picked YELLOW
Stepping out of your comfort zone is your greatest challenge, but when you take even small steps the world becomes an enchanting place filled with beautiful opportunities. Perhaps you have started doing this or feel the desire to do so?

2. You picked GREEN
Do you have a tendency to bend to others emotional needs? Do you end up feeling what they are feeling, rather than experiencing your own feelings? If they're worried, you're worried. If they're excited, you're excited. The angels guide you to separate your feelings, you are a person too. It is time to experience your own truth.

3. You Picked PINK
The angels guide you to revisit an issue or  relationship from the past for the purpose of completion. Making your peace will release you in ways you can't yet understand. 


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