Intuition Training: Mind Reading, Which Egg Do I Pick?

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Intuition Training

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

How Did You Do?

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What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

If you start thinking about someone and then they telephone, you may be using your psychic ability. That is, the ability to read someone's energy and to connect to their feelings and intention. Using your psychic abilities means you are sensing things - not by the 5 senses we know exist for sure (touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing), but by an unseen 6th sense. Sometimes a 'trigger' is needed to spark psychic knowledge. This could be Tarot cards, a crystal ball or a pendulum for example. There is no 'power' in these tools, they are simply a way for psychics to focus (tune-in) and access their 6th sense. Sometimes, the more experienced a psychic becomes, all that is needed is a few minutes of concentration before the information starts to appear in their mind. Most people have psychic abilities, and very often they only start to appear later in life. You can develop your abilities with constant practice (by trying these exercises for example, or even learning how to read Tarot).


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