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Which Do I Pick?

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

That time of year again!
Hunting for my 2016 diary.
REACH OUT, pretend your hand is my hand. Which one do I reach for?

This exercise is to help you read other people. So remember, you are reading my mind.

Now Scroll Down For The Result ...

Did you see me picking the orange diary in your mind?  If so, congratulations, you were using your sixth sense!

Your intuition is like a muscle - it knows things, it is your sixth sense. The more it is exercised, the stronger and more accurate it becomes ....

Now before you say you don't have a sixth
 sense - let me tell you why YOU DO! Everyone is psychic at some level. It's true! Inside you is a soul.

Your soul is surrounded by your body and mostly it's senses are dulled by being in the physical body - we rely on touch, sight, hearing and taste rather than instinct. When you stop to listen (which is why I am creating these exercises), you will start to hear the voice of your soul. It knows things that your conscious mind can't pick up. It has a direct link to the Universe. Your soul is your psychic link to the invisible world, and through it you can 'download' all sorts of invaluable insights.

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