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by Karina Collins

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1. Which crystal do I pick?

2. Then, decide which crystal you are attracted to!



So I picked this crystal!

This beautiful stone sparkles in the sunlight and is known as the chakra stone. If you are attracted to the Peacock Ore your subconscious says:

'I need balance and calmness before I can move forward'.

Your mind and body crave a closer relationship - and fortunately you are on the verge of this major breakthrough.

 Your are connecting your mind to your inner voice. In other words you are finally going to receive clarity about every aspect of your life - your life purpose, relationships, even destiny.

This light blue crystal is called an angelite.

This watery blue stone is associated with the angelic realm, it helps you hear angels. If you picked this stone it means your angels are circling, increasing contact.

The angels are calling you into service to help others. There are many ways we help others - healing, inspiring, teaching, protecting and supporting. It is in doing what you came here to do that other parts of your life fall into place - relationships, home, inner peace and sense of happiness.

Golden Quartz

You are doing too much and it is taking it's toll on your body. The Universe knows there are many calls on your time, and you are not one to complain of your duties. Still, it is time to question whether this is the best way to live. The more others rely on you, the less capable they will be. Sometimes it is kinder to give less in order to allow others the chance to grow. In the process, you regain some precious time to indulge YOU.
It's a win, win!

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