Candle Intuition Test: Improve Your Instincts

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Intuition Exercise

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

Try to sense the correct answer!

Get it right?
Did you SEE the colour in your mind?
If so - CONGRATULATIONS, you are activating your sixth sense.


Everyone is psychic at some level. Inside you is a soul (or energy center). This soul is encased by your body. Mostly our senses are dulled by being in the physical body - we rely on touch, sight, hearing and taste for feedback.
But when you stop to listen (which is why I am creating these exercises), you will begin to hear the voice of your soul. It knows things that our conscious mind can't pick up. Why? Because it has a direct energy link to the Universe. Your soul is your psychic link to the invisible world, and through it you can 'download' all sorts of invaluable insights.


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