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With this exercise we are going to practice a form of clairsentience. I want you to visualize a small candle inside the box. Try to SMELL it. Although this may seem a little 'crazy', it is possible to receive psychic information by the sense of smell. What fruit does it remind you of? You may only get a flash, but whatever flash you receive, trust it.

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Did you get the smell of apples? If so, congratulations, you were using a sense called Clairalience (a type of clairsentience). It literally means 'clear smelling'. Sometimes spirits or angels can use this sense to send us messages. For example, a sudden floral smell out of the blue is a common calling-card of angels. Or you may smell the perfume or brand of cigarette of someone who has passed, they are letting you know they are around.

So how does it work? Who or what gave you the smell of apples in this test? It may have been your spirit guide who is always trying to find ways (if you pay attention) of improving the lines of communication with you. For example, one lady I read for recently woke up suddenly in the middle of the night because she smelt smoke. Worried there was a fire she went down to her sitting room only to discover she had left a candle burning and it was dangerously close to a newspaper. There was no smoke - or fire. She is convinced the smell she had sensed was a warning from her spirit guide or angel.

If you 'saw' the colour instead of smelling it, that's also great, you were using a sense called clairvoyance.

Hopefully you have been following my weekly intuition exercises on Facebook and are starting to notice an improvement in your abilities. Do come back and let us know on Facebook how you did (but try not to give away the answer!).

Test designed personally by Karina for you.


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