Intuition Exercise: Which Box DO I Pick? Improve Your Intuitive Abilities

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Psychic Test

by Karina Collins

International Psychic


Intuition Result Test

Did you get it right?



Some of you may have sensed the colour BLUE. While blue was not one of the options on display - you still managed to pick up the blue crystal bracelet I was wearing. That's great!

Everyone's intuition works slightly differently. Some of you will just have a 'knowing', others may pick up disjointed images and you need to work out what they mean. For example, you may have sensed or smelled an apple or something else your subconscious mind associates with the colour green. Or you may just have 'heard' the word green in your head. Or you may have had a flash of green when you closed your eyes. There is no 'correct' way of getting information - the point of these exercises is to reinforce the fact that you ARE getting information, and to notice it!

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