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Look at the boxes below. Try to 'see' through the covers, which box has a crystal inside?

Bonus Points: What colour is the crystal?

Close your eyes and wait for a colour to appear.


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Intuition Test Answer

Box number 2, the HEART Box.
Crystal is ORANGE Carnelian.

Did you get it right?

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are reaching inside and connecting with your inner voice.

If you chose AMBER or even pinky-red as the colour of the crystal ..... you are very close - so you can take that as a 'hit'.


About The Carnelian Crystal - The HAPPY Stone

This beautiful orange crystal has a happy, joyful energy. It's a good stone to place on the surface of a piece of furniture somewhere in the home to promote fun and happiness. It acts as a booster, emitting a tranquil energy that helps you to feel secure and protected.

It's also an excellent stone for those of you who are creative or working with your intuition (healers, therapists, psychics, writers, artists etc) because it helps keep you grounded allowing you to put ideas into words and practical action.


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Test designed personally by Karina for you.


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