Intuition Exercise with Karina Collins

2018: Personal Readings by Karina 


by Karina Collins

International Psychic

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Let go of doubt and embrace 2018 in it's full glory.
Doubt does nothing but erode your enjoyment of life. It saps your joy and robs your smile. Decide 2018 will be the year you focus on DOING and allow fate to take care of the rest.

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Remember next time you are annoyed with a loved one that there WILL come a day when you'd give ANYTHING to talk to them again. Anything. Either because you have passed on or they have. This isn't meant to be morbid. Rather it is the secret to life. Be wise enough to let the small things go, and appreciate the people in your life. 2018 will be your best year yet, in ways you can't yet imagine, if you remember this simple truth.

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Happiness is rolling out of bed in the morning, looking forward to the day ahead because you have something fruitful to achieve. 2018 is the year to aim for such happiness, because as soon as you set it as a goal (rather than wishful thinking), you are on the path to making it come true.

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Emerge from the shadows.
It's time for your day in the sun.

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