Intuition Exercise: 3 Wise Angels

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Intuition Exercise:
3 Wise Angels

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

Intuition Exercise

* A number may pop into your head!

* Or, you just 'know'.

If you struggle to decide, relax for a moment and then reach out and pick one. Let your hand be guided.

Remember, you are trying to read MY mind. Not the one you want!


The purpose of these intuition exercises is to help you hear guidance from angels and spirit guides. This sort of guidance feels like it is coming from outside your mind. It's like someone is popping thoughts into your head. That's what angelic guidance feels like (it's not any more dramatic than that usually).

Your angels will work with you when you do these exercises. If you got the answer right, then it means you heard their guidance correctly. Fantastic! You can now put this knowledge to use with my regular readings.

But please don't worry if you didn't get it right. Practice makes perfect.

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