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The Sun is a beautiful card and represents physical and material wealth. Whether you end 2017 happy or exhausted, know that 2018 will see an improvement in every area of your life including work, love, health and children.

In the past, this card was known as the Lord of Success. It represents success of any kind although, on balance, it can be said to signify material achievements more than any others. So this year is a good time to focus on finances. In particular, it is a good omen for those seeking:

Better job opportunities
A move abroad to work
Selling/renovating property
Financial offers for creative projects

The Sun represents a person who has succeeded in whatever he/she sets out to do because it represents the Sun among men, the centre round which others revolve, just as the planets revolve around the Sun. It is therefore a happy sign because it signifies the attainment of that which you most desire.

Additional Meanings

* Energy, health and motivation - expect a big boost of all three this year.

* Birth of a healthy child, one who will have lots of energy.


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