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Just Do It!

If you are thinking about starting or expanding a business, applying for a new job or course - or any new adventure that involves some risk - it's the right thing to do.

The Magician signifies you have all the tools necessary to make ventures a success. No more waiting or planning - 2018 is the year to act. It is THE year to make those dreams a reality.

 You have the Power of the Universe behind you and the skills to make it happen. Furthermore, you feel a boost of optimism and can do attitude gradually creeping into your subconscious. Don't let past failures put you off, timing is everything. It is safe to acknowledge goals and put them into action.

The Magician always means something GREAT is developing, so really, as long as you embrace the energy and accept opportunities, you can't put a foot wrong!

Additional Meanings

For those trying for a baby, creative powers are within you this year, it's a good omen.

Unleash your creative powers this year - be that painting, drawing, baking, crafts, singing, writing  ...

For those who plan on writing or publishing their work this year - do it now!


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