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Hold on to your hat because 2018 is going to be a spiritual roller-coaster. The Moon represents 'other worldly' events, so expect some major breakthroughs this year (particularly after May). It is a perfect year to:

Study spiritual courses
Learn a healing technique
Write (and finish) a book
Use your imagination for any creative endeavor.

If you already work in a creative or spiritual area, expect better clarity of direction as the months go by.

A Bright Idea

As the Moon represents the 'unseen world', expect at least one BIG BRIGHT idea this year. The idea seems to come out of no-where and grip you with a vengeance. This idea could relate to anything and will depend on your personal circumstances. It could be to do with work, family, travel, hobbies or health.

 It will however involve you doing something a little wild and taking a risk. Whatever it is, no matter how seemingly impossible, follow the guidance.

Your motto for 2018: Do the unexpected.

Additional Meanings

* Psychic gifts strengthen this year, either your intuition becomes stronger or you receive messages through your dreams. This may already have started to happen.

* If you are thinking about writing a fantasy book, do it!

* Work with the moon cycles. On the day of a new moon, focus your attention on your wishes. Harness the moon power.

Next 3 new moons in 2018:
17th January, 15th February, 17th March


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