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by Karina Collins

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The WORLD is Your Oyster

The World is a symbol of hope, and brings fortune, particularly to those who have experienced delays or obstacles. As long as you keep trying, this is the year you achieve your ultimate goals.

 The world of success differs for every person, but Tarot card No. 21 signifies your private world - your personal hopes and ambitions - will be fulfilled and success will reward your efforts.  Every man and woman has a secret world, a world in which they see themselves achieving success and happiness. Some want public acclaim and the fruits of fame; others want only personal happiness, love, health and security. Whatever it is you have worked towards, it is achievable. 

 So, card No.21 is a fortunate omen because it denotes that applied effort is about to meet with success in proportion to the effort expended. This last point should be noted: we only get out of life what we put in. Wishing for success, without serious effort is useless.  But striving towards success means that we are employing immense forces that thrust like a spear through all obstacles.

Dream the dream in 2017.

You Have No Goal?

If you don't have a goal, then you risk wasting the fortunate energy of this year. So I suggest you quickly find yourself one!

Each of us has some talent which, if worked at, can bring success in its train. True, there are often ups and downs, but success is bound to follow in the end.

 Talent deserves a chance to prove itself and your particular talent usually lies in the sphere that most attracts you. If one particular thing holds appeal, it usually denotes that there is a talent for that specific subject; it is the suppressed talent inside the individual that makes the appeal, calling out to be used.


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