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by Karina Collins

International Psychic



Hold on to your hat because 2017 is going to be a spiritual roller-coaster. The Moon represents 'other worldly' events, so expect some major breakthroughs this year (particularly after May). It is a perfect year to:

Study spiritual courses
Learn a healing technique
Write (and finish) a book
Use your imagination for any creative endeavor.

If you already work in a creative or spiritual area, expect better clarity of direction as the months go by.

A Bright Idea

As the Moon represents the 'unseen world', expect at least one BIG BRIGHT idea this year. The idea seems to come out of no-where and grip you with a vengeance. This idea could relate to anything and will depend on your personal circumstances. It will however involve you doing something a little wild and taking a risk. It may be to do something or go somewhere. Whatever it is, no matter how seemingly impossible, know that it is meant for you.

Your motto for 2017: Do the unexpected.


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