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Wish Upon A Star

The Star brings renewed hope and faith in 2017. It is the card of healing. For those who have been physically ill or emotionally depressed, it a sign of returning health. Your body is destroying internal toxins and toxic thoughts, it is taking back control! There is something much deeper going on too. Some of you will have had shocks and disappointments in 2016, perhaps where you despaired of ever having anything to look forward to again. There is HOPE, there is happiness and there is a Star lighting your way.

You may find as the year progresses your priorities change. You are finally able to let go of what no longer works and say yes to unexpected opportunities that knock at the door. By mid year you have discovered something that brings renewed meaning and purpose to your life. It is a reason for jumping out of bed in the morning, to motivate you, to excite you. The Star brings lasting happiness, so have faith. You have not been left behind.

Additional Meanings

The Star represents healing work. If you are a healer, your talents will develop to a much higher level this year. You take the next step in your progress - this may mean doing a course, or it may mean taking on paying clients. If you are already working as a healer, you are likely to develop a much clearer CHANNEL with the spirit world this year - be prepared for an amazing trip!

This is also an excellent omen for those who have had difficulties conceiving, a baby is likely to come to you this year.



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