Card 5: Your Fortune For 2017 by Karina Collins
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Love, Love, Love

For those who are single and serious about falling in love, this is a wonderful omen. I say 'serious', because the energy of 2017 is all about getting out what you put in. If you are serious about making space in your life for a soulmate, you can achieve your dreams this year. As part of your 'seriousness test' however you are required to prove your commitment to the Universe by leaving your comfort zone and participating in your destiny. Regardless of past disappointments, you are urged to shake up routines and put yourself in front of new people. Let fate take care of the rest.

For those in happy relationships, you take commitment to the next level, be that engagement, marriage or children. In 2017 love can deepen, even for long-term married couples there is an element of falling back in love.

Additional Meanings

For those pondering an affair, or who are having an affair, you will be faced with a choice this year. You won't be able to hide the situation; it is likely to come out in the open. Ask, am I running into someone else's arms because I am unhappy with my life and need a distraction, or because I have truly fallen in love? Be conscious of your reasoning before acting. Everyone, including the Other Side, wants the best for you. There is no judgement, just love.

The Lovers card is also about finding PASSION in your life. If this is not to come from a relationship this year (because you are not interested in romance) then it means you will develop a passion for something you DO. This passion will help you fall in love with life, fall in love with YOURSELF and provide a reason to wake up in the morning full of joy.



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