Card 4: Your Fortune For 2017 by Karina Collins
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Cosmic Wake Up Call

This year you get a cosmic wake up call - an experience or epiphany that makes you ask yourself 'what on earth am I doing?'. You finally realize that the things that stress you, make you angry or disappointed - are not as important as you thought they were. You start to see life from an entirely different point of view, and it is liberating and exhilarating.

You become aware of how precious little time you have on earth (how little any of us have) and the words 'this is not a rehearsal' ring loud and true. Your mind is liberated from the mundane, and it's like a light bulb is switched on. You are plugged into the Universe, downloading gigabytes of joy. For some it will be a gradual creeping process, for others it happens overnight.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself attracted to charity work or other good deeds. Or you may simply blossom into a social butterfly.
When you feel this good, you want to spread it around!

Additional Meanings

For those waiting on court case settlements or house sales, expect good news.

A relationship from the past may be resurrected.

This card often comes up for people who are retiring or thinking about retiring. If this is you, take it as a sign from the Universe. Yes, it's time for a new phase in your life.

This card is very powerful for those working in spiritual work - particularly mediumship. It literally means you start 'hearing' and 'seeing' those who have passed over. It's a major leap in your connection.



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