Card 2: Your Fortune For 2017 by Karina Collins
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Unexpected Twists

Yippee!! Throw long-term plans out the window! 2017 is going to be some ride, but nothing like you could have predicted! The Fool signifies new beginnings, renewal and unexpected opportunities. Follow your heart and gut this year, no matter how crazy it seems. This is a time to really believe and have faith in where the Universe is taking you.

Take A Leap Of Faith.

As the Fool represents the start of an unexpected journey, be prepared to stay flexible and roll with the times. Plans can only realistically be made on a 6 month basis at best. Don't try to figure out the end destination, you can't and the frustration will slow you down. Instead, one thing leads to another, so follow any thoughts that seemingly come out of the blue. They are guidance from the Other Side. The more willing you are to let go of control, the faster and higher you will fly.

Additional Meanings

If you are considering 'going back to school', this is an excellent idea.

A fresh start, clean slate - a new you, and new possibilities.



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