Card 1: Your Fortune For 2017 by Karina Collins
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Triumph After Hardship, Conquest and Success

If you have had a difficult few months...or perhaps even years, the Chariot is a wonderful sign. It signifies triumph after hardship. Finally you discover the personal strength to tackle and overcome serious obstacles and move forward. Fortunately, you also receive a heavy dose of good luck from the Universe to speed you along.

If you have tried ways to better your situation in the past, and failed - perhaps you've even wondered if karma was out to get you! - don't worry.

 This time things will start turning out differently, you get what you need.

There are times in our life when we are meant to turn a corner. For YOU - 2017 is one of those times! You have absorbed the lessons you needed to learn (even if  they weren't pleasant), and you are due some reward and recognition. You end the year on a personal high, in practical terms and emotionally.

Additional Meanings

For those considering a long trip abroad, or possibly emigrating, this is a sign to go.

If you have struggled with a health situation, you are on the road to recovery this year.

If you have struggled with your business, this is not a time to give up - rather let go of what's not working and pursue what is.



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