April 2018 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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April 2018  Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Amazonite crystal

I was drawn to the amazonite crystal for you this month!

The message of amazonite:
If you need courage to step forward in life, I sprinkle you with magical amazonite energy.  It will help you discover your power, and give you the confidence to be all that you can be, with or without the support of others.


Your Angel Card:

Time To Get Going!

Change has been sweeping through your life for a while. It may be scary and even leave you feeling insecure, but now, all the pieces of the puzzle come together. As a fire sign Aries, you are happiest when you feel passionate about what you do, and the direction you are heading in. This month delivers an opportunity or situation which sparks events and truly ignites your fire. 

Lucky Day This Month
Your Aries Personality


I was drawn to the
scent of marigold flowers
this month for you.

The message of the marigold:

Known as the herb of the sun, the Marigold brings you news of good health, energy and motivation.  It is a symbol of life force and passion and is gifted to you today and going forward by the spirit world.

Your Angel Card:
Seeing Clearly

It may seem like life is on pause this month, events slow down, perhaps you have a vacation or spend more time going within and developing your spiritual connection. Either way, this pause is a chance to reflect on the future. Expect some major insights, most likely out of the blue. You end the month feeling much clearer about your place in the world going forward, and excited by what the future will bring.

Lucky Day This Month:

Your Taurus Personality

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Idocrase crystal


I was drawn to the Idocrase crystal for you this month!

The message of the Idocrase:

You have the ability
to hear spirits. This is inherited
from past lives you have spent as a medium.


Your Angel Card:
2 of Abundance

Things seem out of balance this month as you juggle all the elements of your life, personal, home and work. Gemini, you are a gifted multi-tasker, and are more than able to cope with events. What you put in motion or clear off your desk this month, sets you up for greater freedom and opportunities later in the year.     
Lucky Day This Month:


Your Gemini Personality

Jasper Dalmatian crystal


I was drawn to the Dalmatian crystal for you this month!

The message of the Dalmatian:

Feel the tension ease from your body as you stop over-analyzing and live more in the moment.


Your Angel Card:
6 of Abundance

An unexpected gift or opportunity knocks this month and it makes you smile. Perhaps you have been giving and giving, and receiving little in return. Not that you are one to complain Cancer, but a little recognition is nice sometimes, isn't it! You receive your reward this month. The angels have been watching and deliver a little surprise for you in April.
Lucky Day This Month:

 Your Cancer Personality


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Rose Oil

I was drawn to the
scent of rose oil
this month for you.

The message of rose oil:

This delicate flower encourages joy, the sense of standing in a timeless rose garden. Smells can be highly evocative and instantly shift our sense of time and space. Like, the smell of home-made bread instantly whisks someone back to a childhood memory.

Your Angel Card: 
10 of Action

People come and go this month and it upsets your routine and causes some stress. Yet, a routine-buster is exactly what you need at this time. You have been craving 'more', 'change', and 'excitement' for a while. The Universe has listened and a shake-up is in motion. April shines a light on your life and illuminates exactly what needs to change.  

Lucky Day This Month: 19th
 Leo - All About You

Moldavite crystal


I was drawn to the Moldavite crystal for you this month!

The message of the Moldavite:

Millions of years ago a giant meteorite struck the earth, and moldavite crystals formed from the impact. This crystal encourages you to cast your gaze upward, to look at the stars and dream.


Your Angel Card:
9 of Emotions

April is a magical month for you Virgo as your one heart-felt wish is granted. It may seem that you are lucky, but actually this happy occasion is a reward. Your reward for being the kind heart that you are. The angels recognise your need for less stress and more laughter. It has taken some time to manifest this wish, but the wait will have been worth it. 

Lucky Day This Month: 17th
Virgo - All About You


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