May 2017 Horoscopes By Psychic Karina

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Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

This month I used a traditional Tarot Deck for your reading. 
Cards interpreted by Karina.

Your Angel Card:

 9 of Wands
Keep going, the effort is worth it! You may have experienced a few set backs with your goals this year, but the Tarot urges you to forge ahead. Avoid falling into a pattern of self doubt. You have persisted through some challenging times, and with a little more push you will achieve the success you seek. For some Aries, it turns out even better than you originally hoped. 

Lucky Day This Month: 31st


Your Angel Card:

Between now and late August you have the Midas touch so anything you nurture and give your loving attention will flourish. This includes relationships, children or work projects. Take care of your body so you are energized enough to enjoy this golden era. Call on Archangel Gabriel if you need help with healing yourself or others.
Lucky Day This Month: 17th

Your Angel Card:
10 of Wands

Everyone wants your time and help this month, so it's just as well you're a natural multi-tasker. Try not to neglect your own needs,  particularly around diet and sleep. Easier said than done I know - but the second half of 2017 promises to be spectacular for you, so keep your engine refueled.   

Lucky Day This Month: 18th

Your Angel Card: 

Be gentle, don't beat yourself up for what you haven't done. The Tarot indicates you are doing your best given the hand you were dealt. This month, trust your instincts and where possible keep your distance from toxic people or situations. Give yourself time and space to recover your vitality. A beautiful new opportunity is approaching and you'll want to be ready for it.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th 

Your Angel Card:
Page of
Those of you seeking a new job, loan or pay rise experience good news this month. Fortune also favors Leos (or children in the home) who are taking exams. Frankly Leo, it seems you can't put a foot wrong. You are entering an abundant cycle which peaks around the time of your birthday. So make the most of this glorious energy and don't allow fear to hold you back in any area of your life!
Over to you now.

Lucky Day This Month: 9th

Your Angel Card:
Queen of Water

At this time you benefit from spending quality time with family and close friends. It will recharge your spirit and prepare you for insights to come. Your intuition is opening, to the point you have no choice but to accept you have a gift. You may feel more emotional while this is happening because you are picking up on others feelings. It's a perfect time to get involved in a 'new age' course or workshop.

Lucky Day This Month: 25th




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