June 2018 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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June 2018  Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Idocrase Crystal

I was drawn to the idocrase crystal for you this month!

The message of idocrase:
This crystal helps heal past pain. The angels are helping you to release recent disappointments, because although it may have felt life was going 'wrong', in fact, everything is turning out wonderfully right.


Your Angel Card:
Guardian of Abundance

Unexpected Opportunities!

Aries are entering a period of abundance and good fortune. All your plans are blessed and finally progress can be made.  Sometimes we cannot force situations in life, we must wait for everything to align in synchronicity.  Fortunately, the wait is over. An unexpected job or project opportunity arises this month. This is your chance to be a rising star, to follow your heart's true calling.

Lucky Day This Month
Aries Personality


I was drawn to the
scent of roses
this month for you.

The message of the rose:

Try to stop worrying about the things (or people) you cannot change. Spend more time instead on the things which give you pleasure, and do so without guilt!


Your Angel Card:
Healer of Abundance

Stop And Smell The Roses

You are the glue that holds everyone together. When you smile, we all smile with you. When you are sad, we are also sad. Which is why, the angels guide you this month to immerse yourself in pleasure, things that make you happy. Travel, creative pursuits, decorating, gardening, pets, catching up on a few novels. Stop and smell the roses. Take joy in the here and now. Strangely enough, you find all your problems sort themselves out in the process.

Lucky Day This Month:

Your Taurus Personality

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Tiger Eye Crystal


I was drawn to the tiger eye crystal for you this month!

The message of the tiger eye:

You are encouraged this month to act from a place of reason rather than emotion. Stop and think before you speak or act.


Your Angel Card:
Out With The Old

The angels send you a sign this month that it is time to move in a new direction. It may be that you have been unhappy or feel a lack of purpose in your life. When this sign appears, it may come as a bolt out of the blue, and yet it is the wake up call you've been quietly craving. While it is out with the old, it may still take a few weeks for the new to manifest. Don't worry, just go with the flow. Everything will work out beautifully.   
Lucky Day This Month:

7th and 27th

Your Gemini Personality

Desert Rose Crystal


I was drawn to the desert rose crystal for you this month!

The message of the
Desert Rose:

You are a rose in a sandy desert. The blossom in a harsh world. Never forget who you are, you were born to show others the way. 


Your Angel Card:
3 of Emotions

There is cause for celebration this month, something occurs which brings a smile to your face. This could be the happy conclusion of a situation, but it is just as likely to signify the beginning of a new adventure. Emotionally June promises to be a wonderful month for you Cancer. It sets the stage for more progress in the coming months. 
Lucky Day This Month:

 Your Cancer Personality


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Jasper Dalmatian crystal

I was drawn to the
jasper dalmatian
this month for you.

The message of the dalmatian:

Sense of humor helps us cope with difficulties at the very instant we are laughing. It sends a message to the world, and the Universe: I will not be fazed! It makes us brave and less afraid to take a risk.

Your Angel Card: 
Positive Recognition

Go Leo! This month, you are rewarded for your recent efforts. What is it that your heart craves? This will be different for every Leo. It could be career recognition, love (from someone who recognises your true value), or spiritual development. You are on the right path to achieving everything your heart desires this month. I really can't say more ... Leo is the luckiest star sign in June! 

Lucky Day This Month:
 Leo - All About You

Turquoise crystal


I was drawn to the Turquoise crystal for you this month!

The message of the Turquoise:

This stone is an ancient gemstone and is typically worn as an amulet for protection and good luck. Your luck has turned for the better - please understand this is no coincidence, but rather a change has occurred deep within your soul and you are now aligned with the Universe.


Your Angel Card:
A Happy Change

Your angels have heard your prayer .... even the silent ones you have hardly admitted to yourself. This month, life moves forward, at a rather rapid pace. Whether or not you are mentally ready for change, it is coming anyway. You may have to make decisions quite quickly. Trust your instincts, and you will do well. Everything happening is in response to the thoughts you have 'put out there', to the Universe for some time now.  

Lucky Day This Month:
Virgo - All About You


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