2019 Horoscopes By Star Sign

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January 2019 Horoscopes
  by Karina Collins

Aries Star Sign
21 March-20 April 

Aries star sign
Fire Sign: Ram

2019 is going to be a busy year for Aries - particularly in the areas of your life which have been stuck in a rut in recent months (or even years). The energy kicks off in January, literally opportunities fly in the door. This year is not a time to be cautious. Say yes to whatever or whomever comes your way. Toss aside self-doubt, either you believe the Universe has your back or your don't. You can't sort of believe. When you do believe, then you'll stop worrying and throw all of that wonderful Aries fire-energy into doing.

Your motto for 2019:
Yes I can!

Key Tarot Card:
Knight of Swords


Taurus Star Sign
21 April-21 May  

Taurus star sign
Earth Sign: Bull

2019 offers a beautiful blend of past and future coming together for Taurus. You reconnect with situations, people or places from your past  - and this raises the question - should I give it a go again? The opportunity which arises will be unique to you. It could be a job, passion, hobby or relationship resurfaces. Or you move back to somewhere you once lived. In essence, you are not really going back - because you are a different person now and have a dynamic new perspective to deliver.

Live life and do not get hung up on age. Your soul is timeless and any age is the right age to start doing what you want to do.

Your motto for 2019:
Why not?!

Key Tarot Card:
6 of Cups

Gemini Star Sign
22 May-21 June

Gemini star sign
Air Sign: Twins

2019 is an important year for you my Gemini friend. You are standing at a crossroads in life, trying to figure out future plans. Long-term planning may not be your thing, but the Universe is directing you now to be realistic.

Ask yourself, what is more sensible right now?  A new approach is necessary, you can't act as you have in the past.

Your key card is Justice, which means whatever efforts you make to improve your life this year, will be justly rewarded in years to come. The bigger the effort, the bigger the reward!

Your motto for 2019:
I'm investing in my future

Key Tarot Card:

Justice also heralds a positive outcome for Gemini's dealing with legal issues.

Cancer Star Sign
22 June - 22 July

Cancer star sign
Water Sign: Crab

2019 provides you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start afresh. Some of you will leave behind the life you know.

For others, the shift will happen in your head. The indecision which has stifled your progress and stopped you from truly living your purpose will fade away. Like the early morning mist gives way to the morning sun. 

The ground beneath you is shifting and you experience a cosmic awakening. 

Suddenly you realise how much energy you have wasted on worry. Now you start to live life like the emergency it is. Time is precious and you are here to do important things. Perhaps with your new perspective, you will inspire others around you too.

Your motto for 2019:
My life is a miracle

Key Tarot Card:
2 of Swords

Leo Star Sign
23 July-23 August 

Leo star sign
Fire Sign: Lion

2019 is your Muhammad Ali year Leo! Fight for what you want, and you will get it! The energy around you is positively bursting with potential - your job is to discover your inner lion and roar - Yes, I claim this!

Sell yourself to whoever will listen - your boss, friends or lover. If you have to fake it, till you make it, that's fine too. Hear the words come out of your mouth, until you believe them too.

2019 is your year for the spotlight Leo. Let nothing stand in your way. Push aside all doubt and live your life as though you were center stage. Trust me, this could be the performance of a lifetime.

Your motto for 2019:
I have woken up to my power

Key Tarot Card:
5 of Wands

Virgo Star Sign
24 August-22 September 

Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Maiden

In 2019 a fresh wave of energy surges through your life my Virgo friend. There is new adventure on the horizon, so be prepared.

The change will be exciting, but may require courage as your daily routines are disrupted. If you have been stuck in limbo for a while, then this is a welcome breath of fresh air, heralding the end of stagnation.

There is a strong sense of renewal at the mind, body and spirit level. Wherever the journey of 2019 leads, it is sure to leave you feeling satisfied on many levels.

Your motto for 2019:
I move out of my comfort zone

Key Tarot Card:
Knight of Wands

A change of location is on the cards for many Virgos.

Libra Star Sign
23 September-23 October

Libra star sign
Air Sign: Scales

Lucky Libra! 2019 will be a fortutitious year for you my little friend.

What goes around comes around, creating a cycle of fairness, equality and justice

Any good fortune you receive this year is pay-back for the wrongs done to you and the good deeds you have done for others. The Book of Karma always keeps count. Even when you thought no-one was watching ... they were.

You will be on the receiving end of others kindness. Synchronicity will play a large role for you this year - you will somehow be in the right place, at the right time. 
Lady Luck is your new best friend.

Your motto for 2019:
I am so lucky

Key Tarot Card:
6 of Pentacles


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