February 2017 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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February 2017  Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

with you this month.

Your Angel Card: Release
February heralds the beginning of change for Aries, the end of a challenging situation which has sapped your energy. It is the dawn of a golden new era, and you are more than ready to embrace it.

Lucky Day This Month
Your Aries Personality

is all around you.
Your Angel Card:
7 of Water
Reliable Taurus, everyone relies on you emotionally and practically. It can all get a bit much sometimes and you fantasize about running away. Well, you don't have to wait to get your reward in Heaven! A spot of good fortune favours you this month.
Lucky Day This Month: 14th
Your Taurus Personality



Give a little time and attention to those less fortunate than you.
Your Angel Card:
6 of Earth
A fortunate time if you are waiting on news in the form of a work offer, financial or court settlement or house sale/purchase. Additionally, the angels bless you with a gift this month to help you move forward with the next phase of your life.
Lucky Day This Month: 7th

Your Gemini Personality


Major boost of motivation firing your way!
Your Angel Card: 
7 of Earth
Plant seeds for the future this month. Whatever (or whomever) you feel driven to pursue in February leads to greater things as the year progresses. Cancerians be warned! A great energy boost is coming your way. Use it or lose it. Don't stand in your own way.     
Lucky Day This Month: 5th
 Your Cancer Personality




I am not
what happened to me.
I am who I choose to become.
Your Angel Card:
5 of Water
Hold on tightly, let go lightly. What situation, person or mindset are you holding on to - despite knowing it no longer serves your greater good? Sometimes in life we must hold on tight, other times we need to know when to let go. If you are brave enough to move forward, an exciting new world of adventure awaits you.
Lucky Day This Month: 27th
Leo - All About You


What goes around
comes around.
Your Angel Card:
Past Lives
Virgo, you are the heart-beat of humanity. Archangel Metatron, draws close to you this year. He is the angel of past life connections. Starting this month you encounter people and situations which help you fulfill your reason for being here.

Lucky Day This Month: 22nd
Virgo - All About You


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