March 2018 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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March 2018  Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

My heart leaps
when I see a
rainbow in the sky.


Your Angel Card:
Spend More Time Outdoors

The months ahead are going to be busy, and Archangel Michael guides you to spend time in the fresh air, perhaps gardening or going for walks. Nature is healing, literally it will prepare your body and mind for what lies ahead. Mother Nature's power is there, waiting to invigorate you ... accept her helping hand.

Lucky Day This Month
Your Aries Personality

You have
great vision.

Your Angel Card:
Be Gentle With Yourself

Be gentle with yourself, dear Taurus. Archangel Michael reminds you that you are doing the best you can, given the circumstances you are dealing with. This month, where possible keep your distance from people who take too much and spend more time with those who give in return. Gift yourself time and space to revive your vitality. A beautiful new dawn is approaching and you'll want to be ready for it
Lucky Day This Month:

Your Taurus Personality

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A crown of angel light surrounds you.

Your Angel Card:
Believe And Trust

Archangel Michael flies to your side, reassuring you that all will be well. The issue which you are worried about as you read this message, will be resolved. Now more than ever, trust that you have a Guardian angel walking next to you. She senses your fear, and while some worries cannot be resolved, this one will be
Lucky Day This Month:


Your Gemini Personality

When you
look closely
you can see
an angel.

Your Angel Card:
Guarded and Protected

Archangel Michael comes to say 'you and your loved ones are protected'  If you, or someone close to you, is considering an action which makes you nervous, know that Michael is there, holding your hand, guiding and providing courage to live life to the full.
Lucky Day This Month:

 Your Cancer Personality


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Your future
is written. And it is

Your Angel Card: 
Fresh Start

Archangel Michaels says:
'There is much more to come.' 
A new opportunity appears (or has done so very recently). It may be something you have been waiting for, or it could come out of the blue. Don't second guess yourself, embrace what is on offer without fear. The angels are opening doors, but it is still up to you to trust enough to walk through them

Lucky Day This Month: 8th
 Leo - All About You

Nature will
give you a sign.

Your Angel Card:
Already Resolved

Virgo's are great for planning ahead, but for once the path is not so clear. This is likely to worry you, but it shouldn't. This is one of those rare times where fate has the upper hand.  Archangel Michael reassures you that the future is bright - there is a cosmic plan for you - it's just for once you're not privy to it! The actions you take in the coming weeks and months naturally lead you to where you need to be.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th
Virgo - All About You


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