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Unblock Your Third Eye Chakra!

About This Chakra

Location: Between your eyes, middle forehead
Colour: Indigo

The third eye is your gate way to the Other World, it is the home of your psychic senses. When it is balanced your psychic abilities grow and a gateway to the spiritual realm is opened. It is the hotline to your soul (higher self) and inner knowing. When it is blocked you experience headaches, hay fever, sinus problems, sleeplessness and hormone fluctuations.

Unleash Your Third Eye

TIP 1: Indigo

Wear indigo clothes, or surround yourself with indigo furnishings.

TIP 2: Crystals

Keep a lapis lazuli stone near you. Place it between your eyes
for a few minutes while lying down.

TIP 3: Essential Oils

Add frankincense to massage oils,
room burners or bath water.

TIP 4: Your Power Support

Third eye development is aided by your spirit guides. Connecting with your spirit guide is the fastest way to open this center.
See my reading: Who Is My Spirit Guide?

TIP 5: Booster
Perform this boosting technique every day!

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