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Quick To Fall In And Out Of Love
As a fire sign, Aries burn with passion and have a tendency to fall easily - often for the wrong type. Van Gogh proposed to his cousin and a pregnant alcoholic prostitute. However, with the right partner, Aries can shine brightly and make the world a much more interesting place.

March 21 - April 19
When Passion Strikes
When a relationship, job or lifestyle loses it's sparkle, it strikes at the soul of an Aries. They know in their heart they are meant for greater things. However, once they do strike passion, they make up for lost time and throw themselves into their new situation or project with gusto. Van Gogh struggled to find his place in the world but when he moved to Provence (2 years before his death), his passion fired up! He immediately started painting in a refreshingly new style and produced the paintings we love him for today. 

Head Strong

The part of the body ruled by Aries is the head. Even though Aries is a fire sign, you could accuse them of having their head in the clouds. They have a tendency to lose themselves in their own world. But of course, this is where the great inspiration happens!

It can be difficult to change an Aries mind, but usually it's because they are right! However, as they are ruled by the head, they are prone to anxiety, depression or headaches.

Needless to say, Van Gogh suffered greatly in his mind.


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