September2018 By Star Sign

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September 2018 Horoscopes
by Karina Collins
International Psychic



Scorpio Star Sign
24 October-22 November 

Scorpio star sign
Water Sign: Scorpio

The next few months are important for you Scorpio because the Universe is helping you achieve success 'out there', in the world. So whatever your desire - work, business, personal projects or study - now is the time to throw yourself into it without second guessing yourself. Act now and allow the Universe to take care of the outcome.


Sagittarius Star Sign
23 November-21 December

Sagittarius star sign
Fire Sign: Archer

Fake it until you feel it. Feelings follow actions. If you're feeling low, deliberately act happy and smile, it will change your mindset. If you're scared to do something, pretend you don't give a damn .... do it anyway. If you need to appear confident for an interview or in front of others - fake it - pretend you're an actor in a play. You are ready for a new adventure, you just need to push yourself to be brave.


Capricorn Star Sign
22 December-20 January

Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Goat

The Universe is moving you away from internal development and pushing you towards external activities. The time for introspection is over and the time for action is here. Happiness comes now from what you do and by working towards the goals you set yourself. Whatever it is you want - accept the opportunities in front of you and go for it. There is no time for doubt or second guessing yourself.


Aquarius Star Sign
(January 21 - February 18) 

aquarius picture
Air Sign: Water Bearer

Travel is on the cards this month for Aquarius, so you may be on the road more than normal, perhaps even moving location. Movement casts off stagnant energy, creating space for fresh energy. This new vibrant energy helps attract  opportunities for progress and a sense of fulfillment. Sometimes we need to be physically shunted out of our comfort zone.

Pisces Star Sign
119 February-20 March

Pisces star sign
Water Sign: Fish

It is easy to lose focus, especially when things don't happen as soon as we want. This month, the angels ask you to persist in your efforts, because the break-through or reward is near. So many times, people give up, just on the verge of manifestation - and they never know it.
Some of you will know exactly what this message means.

If you are confused, and do not know what you want, then nothing will come of nothing. Take some time to work out what one action will really really improve your life, and start working towards it.


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